Toscano Black Coffer

€18,00 VAT included

Toscano Black Coffer

€18,00 VAT included

Toscano Black: the “Manifesto” dark chocolates from Amedei, obtained from a blend of Trinitario and Criollo with different percentages of cocoa. Each of them is an invitation to taste the most classic of chocolates: crisp cracking sound, distinctive notes obtained from masterfully processed beans and the clean sensation they leave on the palate are what makes them unforgettable.
1998: the first creation, Toscano Black 70
2008: the first golden bean, Toscano Black 63
2018: the first challenge, Toscano Black 90

Blue like the universe, a constellation of flavors in which to get lost gently. A show to be admired in shapes and flavors, an overwhelming experience.

1 Toscano Black 63 50g bar

floral blend

1 Toscano Black 70 50g bar

bold blend

1 Toscano Black 90 50g bar

strong blend

Keep in a dry and cool place, between 14°C and 18°C.

Shelf life: 18 months 

Net weight: 150g /5,3 oz

Gluten free
Vegan food

Toscano Black Coffer

€18,00 VAT included

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