15 Bars Collection

€80,00 VAT included

15 Bars Collection

€80,00 VAT included

The collection of the most iconic Amedei size: the 50g chocolate bars, the expression of the different aromatic shades of cacao beans, pure or blended with fruit. A wonderful trip through taste.

Blue like the universe, a constellation of flavors in which to get lost gently. A show to be admired in shapes and flavors, an overwhelming experience

Toscano Black 90 50g Bar

Toscano Black 70 50g Bar

Toscano Black 63 50g Bar

Toscano Brown 50g Bar

Toscano Nut Brown 50g Bar

Venezuela 50g Bar

Madagascar 50g Bar

Jamaica 50g Bar

Ecuador 50g Bar

Toscano Blond 50g Bar

Toscano Red 50g Bar

White chocolate with pistachios 50g Bar

Porcelana 50g Bar

9 50g Bar

Blanco de Criollo 50g Bar

Keep in a dry and cool place, between 14°C and 18°C.

Shelf life: 14 months 

Net weight: 750g/26,46 oz

Gluten free

15 Bars Collection

€80,00 VAT included

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