100 Pralines Collection

€125,00 VAT included

100 Pralines Collection

€125,00 VAT included

One hundred pralines decorated by hand. Every chocolate shell hides chocolate fillings blended with fruit, liquor and coffe. Nude pralines, mild and wonderful, born from passion for chocolate. Perfectly balanced flavours and textures.

Blue like the universe, a constellation of flavors in which to get lost gently. A show to be admired in shapes and flavors, an overwhelming experience.

16 Desiderio

with pistachios and marzipan

16 Cremino

with hazelnuts and almonds

12 Supremo

coffee flavor

8 Amandola

with almonds and hazelnuts

8 Delizioso

with gianduja

8 Noixorange

orange flavor

8 Toscanello

cinnamon flavor

8 Croccantino

with hazelnuts and almonds

8 Solare

eggnog flavor with Marsala (alcohol)

4 Capriccio

with grappa (alcohol)

4 Passione

with rhum (alcohol)

Keep in a dry and cool place, between 14°C and 18°C.

Shelf life:months 

Net weight: 1000g /35,27 oz

Gluten free

100 Pralines Collection

€125,00 VAT included

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