Amedei Tuscany

to surprise

From the purest cocoa beans,
precious chocolate shells
holding a memorable surprise.

Ovetti Toscani

Delicious hand-wrapped chocolate treasures, available in exquisite variations. Milk, dark and white chocolate eggs with almond, hazelnut and gianduja taste. Each one, a tiny moment of pleasure.


Delicate hints of peach and apricot shielded in a casket of dark chocolate enhanced with a 23 carat gold leaf, artinasally placed. Discover the unlimited pleasure of Amedei chocolate.

Praline 5 Red

The perfect symphony between milk, white and dark chocolate and authentic notes of almonds, oranges and pistachios: an extraordinary experience of unforgettable flavors.

Toscano Black

The purest cocoa beans and cane sugar: the secret of excellence in a small number of selected ingredients. Toscano Black 70, Toscano Black 63 and Toscano Black 90: three different blends of dark chocolate with a unique taste.

is in the full control of
the production process,
from raw ingredients
to tasting.