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Amedei has reflected the desire of its sweeter tooth clients producing new 150g Prendimè chocolate bars in which the Dark and Milk Chocolate meet the whole fruitsand they create a delicious flavour vortex.

The assortment of 150g Predimé include the timeless and classic flavours of Dark Chocolate Prendimé with hazelnuts, Milk Chocolate Prendimè with hazelnuts and Dark Chocolate Prendimé with Almonds. Amedei has created a new flavour too: three layers of Gianduja where three soft layers of Chocolate Gianduja alternate.

Take the opportunity:
• 1 Dark Chocolate Prendimé with hazelnuts
• 1 Milk Chocolate Prendimé with hazelnuts,
• 1 Dark Chocolate Prendimé with almonds,
• 1 Prendimèthree layers of Gianduja