Amedei's chocolate bars represent the beginning of the passion for Amedei chocolate. We offer 50 grams of pure excellence wrapped in beautifully designed packaging, rich with information on how best to savour it as well as information about Amedei's philosophy. You can choose from the classic flavors such as milk, dark (63%, 66%, 70%, 75%), or white, bars with our own roasted hazelnuts or with exquisite pistachios from Bronte. We think you'll find our chocolate bars from our exclusive production absolutely irresistible. Some bars are made from recipes featuring various fruits or nuts. Amedei's Cru chocolates are made with cocoa beans coming exclusively from a certain country or region, each with decisive personalities and unique flavors, unveiling the "wilder" side of the cocoa bean. Chuao, Porcelana and 9 represents amazing chocolate delights.
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